Wholesale solutions

Are you looking for components for building your solar system? As a wholesaler we can assist you to source quality components ranging from modules and inverters to support systems and balance of systems.

Our offerings consist of the highest quality components with a range of product options to meet your technical and budgetary needs.

We aim to build up long-term relationships with all of our trade partners and become your preferred solar wholesale supplier. We carry a wide variety of brands, sizes and configurations and enjoy strong relationships with solar panel and inverter manufacturers around the world. These relationships enable us to know and obtain the best pricing available at any time. In addition, by purchasing panels and inverters on behalf of several customers at the same time, we are able to make volume commitments that result in lower pricing that we pass along to our customers.

As our customer, your customers will receive long-term investment-security due to high-quality modules and components from leading manufacturers and you will receive proper and complete documentation for each PV power plant and for all components.

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